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Hannelore Z. Eck

Sandra Bailiff Girard, Esq.

Jim and Linda Northrup

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Voices for Hope PLC, Attys at Law

Christian Reformed Church of North America/Office of Social Justice

Temple Emanuel

Inner City Christian Federation

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

Bethany Christian Services

Islamic Center of West Michigan/Mosque of Grand Rapids

Justice for Our Neighbors

Immigration Legal Services/Diocese of Grand Rapids

Immigration Assistance Program/Diocese of Kalamazoo

Jeffrey R. Wesolowski, M.D.

Gabriel R. Vargas, Esq.

Wayne and Marie Enstice

Sisters of St. Joseph, especially Sister Rosemary Tierney, Sister Kit Kaiser, Sister Marge Basset, Sister Sandra Melanson, Sister Marie Ursula

Nagnon Diarrassouba

Cecilia and Fred Dilzell

Paul Martin

Kanaan Family Foundation (Shadia and Azzam Kanaan)

Maria Ledesma

Ina Way

Mary Bower

Michael Mooney

Stephen and Katherine Eck

Eloise Crocker

Phyllis Curtis

Robert Endias and Eileen Stryker

David and Lois Dickason


John and Joyce Petro

Adele and Richard Paxson

Mollie Clements

Patricia Nelson and Robert Swicker

Gary and Sue Gilmore

Priscilla and John Willson

Tom and Lauri  Holmes

Joe and Becky Schmitt

Bassam and Veronica Harik

Constance Micklin

Norman and Louise McCallum

Edward and Marjorie Stinson

Don and Kathy Cooney

Judith Lemkin Gay

Richard and Raelyn Joyce

Donna and Charles Harmon

David and Denise Fite

Amy Apostol

David Vu

Dominican Sisters/Grand Rapids

James Rodbard, Esq. and Mary Root

Covenant Christian Reformed Church

David Kosmak

Ian Kozak

Jotham Ippel

Allyn Aleve Marie Ojeda

Juan Paz

Anna Waller

Dr. Corey Waller

Berghuis Construction

Next Step of West Michigan

One Stop Coney Shop

Kalamazoo Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice

Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

The Micah Center

The Buist Foundation/Buist Electric

Aurora M. Miranda, M.D.

Chad and Sara Hohnstein

Lala’s Meat Processing

Pieter Holleman

Esperance Makirwe

Judy and Greg Alberda

Jan Ali Amini

Robert Aldrich

Amy Anderson

Dale Anderson

Justine Bautista

Gayle Boss & Doug Koopman

Faye Clifton

Christina Cusumano

Don and Jacqueline DeYoung

Fr. Wayne Dziekan

Martha Feketty

The Fetzer Institute, especially Sharif Azami

Matthew and Andrea Gayle

Jane Givens

Lucille Godfrey

Stan and Cherie Grunske

Roland and Lisseth Koksbergen

Halima Ismail

Howard and Hildey Kerney

John and Lynn Kinch

Audrey and Adam Kinder

Sarah Kirsch

Jona and Juska Lazarre

Michael Lewis

Barbara C.  Mann

Andrei and Maria Manalang

Margaret Morris Al Aboudi

Josephine and Noreen Mujeni

Mukherji-Patel Foundation

Rod Munro

Gail Nelson

William C.  Paddington

Jonathan and Hollie Peerboom

Margarita Silva Potts

Gabrielle Price

Arleen and Joseph Razal

Shelda Seide

Steve and Phyllis Senesi

Robert and Kay Severson

Robert and Ann Storteboom

Open Doors of Kalamazoo

Tom Thornburg and Claren Schweitzer

Nelisa and Mario Tejada

Olga and Renee Visser

Sandra and Elmer Wesolowski

Danny, Kish,  Lily, and Alexia Inquilla

Linda Wierenga

Donna Wilcox

Joanna Willoughby

Stephanie Wooster

Janet Wright

Helene and Sylvie Coulibaly

Daniel Golembeski

Kendall School of Art and Design, esp. Kristopher Jones and Prof. Deborah Rockman

Fountain Street Church/Grand Rapids

All Souls’ Community Church/Grand Rapids

Georgetown Christian Reformed Church/Hudsonville

Immanuel Christian  Reformed Church/Hudsonville

Grace  Christian Reformed Church/Grand Rapids

LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church/Grand Rapids

Redeemer Covenant Church/Caledonia

Skyridge Church of the Brethren/Kalamazoo

Jennifer Sui Thuahzathang Cole

Van Mang


Peter Ekadu

Mariano & Therese Alfafaro

Peter & Barbara Kobrak

Mary Cheryl Krakow

Joseph & Betty Chadderdon

Betty & Henry Cohen

John Eck & Jennifer Stucker

Ken & Geraldine Grunow

Carolyn Dixon

Dr. Phil Ptacin

Al & Donna Odom

Anne & Tom Holewa

Michael Willis

Patricia Lynn

Maysaa Mahmood Alobeidi

Tobi Hanna-Davies

Richard Hodgman, MD

Nidal Kanaan

Samer & Lina Kanaan

Timothy & Paula Kanaan

Carol Schreiner

Agnes Hughes

Ken & Judy Sarkozy

Margarite Campos

Dave & Bob Ricci

Rosamond Robbert

Martha Beverly

Linda Winkelman

Mary Tift

Phyllis Rappeport

Paula Presler

Sheryl Freudenbos

JoAnne Ivey

Deacon Pat Hall

Amy Walsh

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